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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mission 1 The Kitchen

I have always struggled with keeping my kitchen clean, which stinks because I LOVE to cook. So my mission today is to thoroughly clean the kitchen. My first mission of this project because everything has built up for way to long was to fill the bathtub with water and soap and soak every dirty dish. (Pretty hilarious and strange, yep but does it work, of course!). The second portion of that while the dishes are soaking is to clean the counter tops and sink out. White distilled vinegar is a great, economical, and safe way to sanitize. After scrubbing down the counters my second mission is to organize the food and dish cupboards wipe them down and organize things to their proper locations.Also during this time clean out the fridge empty the whole entire fridge and toss things as needed. Next put on some music and just relax a little. Another tip I have found to work for being more comfortable is to get one of the foamy type bath mats and stand on that so much softer and it causes less back pain. Dishes are done, hooray! Put dishes away as they become clean. Now onto the floors. Sweep and mop the floors. You are done!

Tips that work!
Get a foam bath mat to help relax your back
Music is a great motivator.
Best cleaning solutions are vinegar and baking soda!

My motivation pictures! Great way to get some motivation is to see pictures of your room clean!

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